Zackary Jurj

Zack Jurj

Zackary John Jurj was born July 16, 2003, he is the composers and one of the founders of the Michiganders. He is the composed the music for Daytona, Winston and South Detroit and also worked on orchestra and concert band as well.

Band symphony
Symphony No.1(Song Of The Sea) (2018/2022) Symphony No.2(Music from Romania 1975) (2021) Symphony No.3(From An Passed Memory)(2022)
Band Pieces ? an tone poem for band (2019)
Romanian Festival Music (2022)
Lake Orion Suite (2019)
Symphonic suite from Daytona (2022)
Rhapsody on a Windy Night (2022)
Night Trilogy (2018)
A Presence Of Memories (2018)

Daytona (2020-22)
Winston (2019-TBA)
South Detroit (2021-TBA)
Orchestra Life Symphony (2022)
Essay No.1(2022)
Symphonic Pictures From Daytona(2022)
Ballets John Henry (TBA)
Mackinac Summers(TBA)
Havana Nights(TBA)
Chamber Elegy For Kyiv (2022)