Update #1: The Big Update

Hi Everyone

My name is Peter and I am the one who’s been running the site and Facebook page for the Michiganders production group. Of course, I wanted to address a lot of things such as why I didn’t post really anything in terms of updates and whatnot.

The unannounced hiatus

Of course, again, I’m sorry that there was a long period of inactivity and it wasn’t on purpose. My main reason was because I am going back to college to finish up my associates degree and I have been internship hunting, so I had to focus on that first. Since it’s been a long time, I wanted to make an update to explain what’s happening so far in the Michiganders and hopefully answer any questions you may have.

Legal standing

At first, we wanted to be a for-profit theater group with the intention of making a profit off of productions we made and any merch sold. A portion of the profits was planned to be donated to the Oxford Strong GoFundMe. I was in charge of finding out the legal background of running a for-profit theater background and realized that there would be a lot of paperwork and filing needed. Of course, the big issue was cost and budget.

I looked at a nonprofit option as an alternative and there was a standstill in the group because it was the issue of who would be in charge of the tax/financial part of the Michiganders. Of course, either route taken, we will need someone who has experience with managing tax status for a theater group. So far, we legally don’t have any business and are just a group, but hopefully we can be a profit or nonprofit! (Either way, I plan on donating some of the profits to the Oxford Strong Charity)

Finding Volunteers

For us to perform Daytona, the planned musical, we will need volunteers for acting, props, technical, etc…Above all of that, a director is needed the most as they would have a crucial role in recruiting. We have a google form that we’re using to help recruit potential volunteers to help make recruiting volunteers easier. If you are interested in volunteering and want to learn more, or have questions, leave a comment below!


A while back, we had a GoFundMe and were doing can/bottle donations for raising money for the site itself. I did want to say for the record, GoFundMe was not able to let me withdraw any funds from the account, so any donations that show up were not received by me. The only donations I have were from can/bottle donations, that were used to keep the website running. Of course, I do want to have an option to do donations again ASAP. The group and I were also considering sponsorships, but this will be for a later date once we get the artwork and everything done so we can show the full potential of this musical.

Script and Score Progress

So far, the script for Daytona is fully complete while the score is being finished up on! Once the score is done, They will be checked for formatting and used for auditions and rehearsal. Of course, if we do merchandising, we might add parts of the script to the merch!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or anything you want to say, leave a comment below

– Peter

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