Nonprofit, Changes, Progress and more

Hi Everyone! Peter from the Michiganders here

I would like to first off let everyone know reading this is that we transitioning to utilizing the website for updates as this allows us to format posts and have a larger audience (no pun intended) see what we do. Of course, there have been major changes that I’ll go through below

Nonprofit Status

We recently had a meeting about the Michiganders financial status and at first, we wanted to be for-profit as this would help us allocate funds to the theater’s projects, and be a great way to make money. After looking at a nonprofit option, we decided it would be best for the community. Of course, this will take time to set up as I want to be a 501c nonprofit. The importance of the 501c is to show that we are actually a nonprofit, and helps us out legally. We are structuring a plan on how to allocate funds and who to donate and will update once we have an idea of how to run the nonprofit. We will need people, so if you know anyone, please have them contact us!


According to Zack Jurj and Tim Greger, the musical, Daytona is complete and ready to perform. The roadblock currently is finding the crew (As well as structuring the Michiganders to be a proper nonprofit) but should be resolved soon. I believe transparency is very important going forward and I will be sure to update what I can.